Total Deprivation Mode: January Round-Up

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A few weeks ago I posted about Total Deprivation Mode, my plan for this upcoming year to cut down spending as much as possible, as well as trying to change my mindset concerning money and material things. This is by no means an easy task, so to keep myself accountable I’ll be posting updates, probably around the end of each month, to track my progress (or lack thereof).

I’m not off to a terrible start, but I definitely could have done better in January. For this first update, I’m going to make a number list that corresponds with the numbered points outlined in the original post.

  1. I had already canceled Netflix prior to starting this budget, so that’s taken care of. A subscription of sorts I forgot to account for was… this was the primary thing that put me over my budget. I’m hoping to get all my research done in the next month so I can cancel that one and be free of unnecessary subscriptions.
  2. This is one I could have done better… I’ve already switched many of my cosmetics to E.L.F. to save a few bucks, and switched some toiletries to a cheaper brand, but I haven’t really worked to remove products all together. I haven’t tried ditching eyeliner or the brow pencil yet… I did, however, make it out of Walmart without picking up any new face masks! It was ridiculous how difficult that was.
  3. Despite January being a prime thrifting time when people are cleaning out their closets post-holidays, I managed to not go to the thrift store! I had a planned trip that fell through, but that’s probably for the best.
  4. I did buy one single pair of leggings… and this was because a friend who sells LulaRoe is closing shop and everything is marked waaaaaay down. I’ve been wanting to support her business, but couldn’t afford the prices before now. And I did buy some craft supplies… oops. But, except for a $1 thing of yarn, they were needed to finish a few projects. So, overall not too bad, but I can do better this next month.
  5. There were a few times I found myself scrolling through online shopping platforms, but caught myself and thought, “Why am I here if I know I’m not going to buy anything? That just makes me want things I can’t have.”
  6. I don’t believe I purchased any alcohol this month, so no problems there.
  7. Y’all, Wawa is my achilles heel right now. Oftentimes this is because there is nothing at home that is “packable” for lunch without needing a microwave. I also didn’t buy many groceries, so Wawa made up most of my food budget. This upcoming month, my schedule is going to necessitate that I get food on-the-go more than usual, so I may have to just focus on getting less each time I stop at Wawa.
  8. January has never been the most social month for me, probably because this crap weather makes me want to hibernate, so limiting spending on going out wasn’t an issue.
  9. I’ve already done a good bit of unfollowing and unsubscribing in the last year or so, but I could do more. I definitely was on social media, just scrolling really, more than I actually need to, so that’s something to tackle more intentionally this upcoming month.

Overall, I don’t think I’m off to a terrible start. Getting used to life without Netflix is a hurdle in and of itself, so I’m just going to acknowledge that for the accomplishment that it is. Maybe I’ll pick “unsubscribe and unfollow” to focus on for February. I was about $50 over my super-strict budget for this month, but because I tracked my spending like a crazy person, I was able to identify where that came from (*cough* Ancestry *cough*) and even identify other places I could cut back. So it’s back to the crazy money tracking and lunch packing for me.

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