Contemplating the controlled chaos that is my closet…

Hello and welcome!

I want to start off by saying, no, I am not any kind of fashionista– I’ve never studied fashion and I certainly don’t care about designer trends– but I like clothes, I like not spending tons of money, and I’ve always preferred clothing that leaves a little more to the imagination. This blog will not only be a place to share¬†my thoughts on dressing creatively and modestly, but also a way to challenge myself to do better in these aspects.

This is not your grandmother’s modesty blog. Or your mother’s for that matter. I have two tattoos (so far), I have a nose ring, I’m a fan of shorts and tank tops, and I’m all for crazy unnatural hair colors (although I’m a bit afraid to try them myself…). I don’t believe we need to have collars buttoned up to our chins or hems down to our ankles, but I do believe we should be mindful of what we wear, of what we’re saying about ourselves, of what we’re trying to tell the world when we choose our outfit each day.

I have a degree in clinical/counseling psychology from Washington College, so in addition to writing on topics of fashion and frugal living, I will most likely also write on topics related to mental illness, suicide, and how these overlap and interact with the expressive arts (these are my primary areas of interest). I plan to start graduate classes soon to pursue licensure as a marriage and family counselor.

More important than all these things, however, is that Jesus Christ is my savior. This is what shapes my worldview and has made me new. This is what propels me to be mindful of what I wear, to think carefully about how I use money, to want to help others heal from their past hurts, and to create, be it on stage or on a canvas. Anything good I am able to do is through Him alone. I share this not only for you, reader, but to remind myself as well.

I’d love to hear from you, be it questions, concerns, feedback, or just wanting to chat:

melodysophia93@gmail.com OR drop me an anonymous message at ydolemsophia.sarahah.com if you’re feeling shy.

You can also check out clothes I’m selling on eBay here: ebay.com/usr/melodysophia

God bless.